“The Occult Period of life for people has lasted just one thousand years. It began with the intensive degradation of human consciousness. In the final analysis, the degradation of consciousness and the insufficient purity of intentions, given the high level of knowledge and opportunities, has always led humanity toward planetary disaster.

“This was repeated many times over billions of earth-years.

“Now it is the Occult Period of life for humanity on Earth and, as always, a disaster on a planetary scale should have occurred. It should have, but the deadline for it has passed. The end of the Occult millennium has gone by. Now each person must make sense of his predestination and essence and where the mistake lay. If we help one another, mentally travel history’s entire journey in reverse, and determine the error, then an era of happy life will ensue on Earth, the likes of which the planet has never seen. The Universe awaits this with bated breath and great hope.

— Volume VI, Chapter 4 “The Sleeping Civilization”

The priests, who placed themselves above God, decided to create their own occult world. They were able to befuddle a third of the world with this.

— Volume VI, Chapter 4 “The Sleeping Civilization”

One period of humanity, defined as a million years, is divided internally into three periods. The first is Vedian. The second is Image. The third is Occult.

— Volume VI, Chapter 5 “The History of Humanity as told by Anastasia”

“Occult priests subsequently put much effort into discrediting and distorting the meaning of the rituals of the Vedian era. For instance, a rumor was spread about how the Veds worshiped the water element recklessly. Even the best young women, who had not yet known love, were sacrificed annually. They were thrown into lakes or rivers, tied to a raft, and pushed away from shore, and so were condemned to death.

“Many different acts truly were linked for the Veds with the water element, a lake or river, but their meaning was completely different. The rituals helped life, not death. I will tell you about just one. A semblance of it has even come down to the present day, but only a semblance. Today its great rational and poetic meaning has been replaced by opacity and occultism.

— Volume VI, Chapter “The History of Humanity as told by Anastasia”

The people started going to sleep, as if hypnotized, and seemed to follow decrees without thinking, half-asleep. The people destroyed nature’s Divine world. They built an artificial one to please the priests. The priests maintained their science in strict secrecy. They didn’t even dare write all of it down on scrolls. They invented their own language for interacting with each other, and you can learn this fact from history, too. Another language became essential for them so that in communicating with each other, no one came into contact with their secrets. Thus, to this day, these simple secrets have been handed down to priestly generations.

“Six thousand years ago, the high priest, one of those six priests, decided to take power over the whole world.

“He reasoned, ‘I cannot seize power by military means or with the pharaohs’ armies, even if I teach commanders to use deadlier weapons than others have. What can an army of stupid, thoughtless men do? Plunder gold, but there is already a lot of that. There are more than enough slaves, but they emanate a nonbeneficent energy, it is bad to take food from the hands of a slave. It does not taste good and is harmful. Human souls must be subjugated and all the energy of their tender love aimed at oneself. But here we need scientific thought, not an army. The science of imagery—this is my invisible army. The deeper I come to know it, the more loyal the army will be to me. The less the crowd knows it, plunged as it is into the occult and unreality, the more I will have conquered it.’

“The high priest came up with his own plan. To this day it finds its reflection in the events of six thousand years of history.

“You and everyone knows about recent events. They differ only in their interpretations. But you just try to find your own and then you will discover the truth. Look.

— Volume VI, Chapter “The History of Humanity as told by Anastasia”