Family Homesteads

Perfect the Dwelling Land

In the past, humans learned to evolve by way of rituals; to improve their well-being, or to pass on information from one generation to the next. But these rituals were suddenly abolished. Otherwise we might already be very close to the ultimate human perfection.

But what do we have now in their place? Nothing at all other than platitudes and naive tales, such as, for example, the journey to the “eternal fire”. What information can one get from that?

And if one considers the rituals more carefully, then one finds out that in each action, in each motion, powerful information is contained which has a positive effect on the psyche of the whole person – and of a whole people.

— Vladimir Megre

Rites, holidays and traditions have been the fundamental building blocks for a majority of civilization up until quite recently. In the book series, the Ringing Cedars of Russia by Vladimir Megre, rites and traditions of ancient Vedian Russia are described in detail. Not mystical or pointless rites, but rites with great logical, physical, emotional and environmental benefits for all involved.

These ancient practices were our ancestors’ way of preserving practical and spiritual wisdom in family homesteads and they worked quite well.

Rites, holidays and traditions are not just for sustaining basic needs. They provide ample opportunities for individuals to seek out and find their soulmate, practical steps for simple, holistic child rearing and bearing, and a process for creating and preserving happy families.

Rites can help families to understand and arrange the living landscape around each homestead in a way that best fits and serves the designing family specifically. Families are given a true opportunity to interact with each other’s and God’s thoughts, the living plant and animal worlds, in a cheerful harmonious manner that becomes very fun and brings happiness to everyone who takes part.

The merry activities performed in each tradition and rite contain great reason and purpose. They are capable of achieving many bright goals in a short span of time. They are able to preserve Love in families for all eternity.

In recent years, contemporary rites, traditions and holidays have become something different. They have become largely useless if not plain silly or destructive. Vedian Rites and traditions which used to sustain most of civilization have been replaced by a technocratic, artificial and occultist world where mankind is forced to labor in order to upkeep technologies and artificial systems which provide illusory luxuries and conveniences.

Mankind has become a slave to the artificial world created by people which has caused families around the world much trauma; in the process of this self-created enslavement mankind has also destroyed a vast amount of our environment which had happily sustained our ancestors.

Is mankind heading in the right direction? Let us awaken from our sleeping enslavement. Many people in Russia and across the world have begun to practice these ancient rites and holidays without at first realizing their true significance. They simply aim to create happy family homesteads by practicing some fun simple rites and holidays.

Book nine of “the Ringing Cedars of Russia” series is currently being co-written by the families practicing these rites and holidays. It is a living book in which the chapters are made up of the living families, plants, animals and landscape around families called family homesteads and family homestead settlements. These splendid oases open up mankind’s bright future where man lives happily, not needing to spend time or effort on feeding, housing or clothing, rather he lives freely and able to reflect and spend time on other creative lively ventures.

A political party has been created called the “Family Party” “…The goal or objective of the ‘Family Party’ should be to create the conditions for bringing the energy of Love back into families. It’s essential to bring back the rites and holidays that are capable of helping people seek out their soul mates.”… “And you can also add, ‘The Party will return to the people a way of life and rites that are capable of preserving love within families for all eternity.'” — Grandfather Anastasia speaking in Vladimir Megre’s book: “The New Civilization II: Rites of Love” Chapter: “Love is a Cosmic Entity”

About a third of the way through the twenty first century, a Family Homestead law was passed in the state of Maine which allotted each willing family a hectare of land free of charge and untaxed for lifetime use with the ability to be passed on through inheritance.

This law came about with the rising popularity of a recently founded grassroots political party called “The Family Party” which aimed to help people find their soulmates and create conditions capable of preserving Love in Families.

At first, people living in Family Homestead Settlements made up a majority of voting members in The Family Party. But the idea quickly caught the attention of many people with opposite thinking who saw a glimpse of their part in this bright future, many were eager to begin designing their homesteads, take part in wonderful holidays and celebrations capable of sustaining Love in Families and helping people find their soulmates.

It began to become apparent to a majority of people that the energy of Love requires some specific conditions to stay with and grow within a Family. These conditions are quite simple and a hectare of land along with the Rites and Holidays which had begun to become popular were specifically designed to facilitate them. They helped families create a more perfected dwelling land each generation which benefited life all around to no end.

These traditions, rites and holidays accomplished many practical things in a way that brought people together to create what truly brings joy for all.

People together with actions began directly answering the question: what is mankind’s purpose?

By that point in time, settlements consisting of Family Homesteads locally and around the world had caught public interest and were becoming somewhat common to see.

The produce grown on the Family Homestead Settlements were of the highest quality and purity, setting a new standard for a healthy human diet.

People in the Homestead Settlements stopped burning fossil fuels. Instead of machines, animals were employed to help families in their laborious tasks.

The air in America began becoming much cleaner, filled with delightful fragrances and pollens. The rivers, streams and lakes of Maine began to become renown for their pristine purity.

In creating Family Homestead Settlements and reviving the Rites and Holidays capable of helping people find their soulmates and preserve Love in families, people around the world followed through together in avoiding a planetary disaster.

Eventually, the Family Homestead law became enacted nationally in America and other countries.

A few years later, for the first time in our recent history, a majority of families in the world began to know and understand Happiness.




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