Ringing Cedars readers meeting

was held at Wahroonga, Sydney North, 21 July 2017


Sydney, Australia

Dear friends!

On July 21, 2017, in Sydney, Australia, we held the first readers’ conference of the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series by Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre.

It was an unusually warm and sunny winter’s day, and there was a great feeling of inspiration and love. Eighteen readers were in attendance, mostly from Australia. Also present were readers born in Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria.

Readers discuss plans for a family homestead settlement.

The first meeting was held at Wahroonga Park, Ku-ring-gai, New South Wales.

Photograph by Kemble Walker

Our like-minded company enjoyed getting to know one another, sharing our experience of reading the books of Vladimir Megre, and discussing our future plans — most importantly, the creation of our own Family Homesteads here in Australia!

It was decided to create a political party, the “Family Party”, whose constitution is based on the ideas of Anastasia and the “Ringing Cedars of Russia”. The draft charter, subject to future discussions, is as follows:


​​1. to restore the Rites of Love to our society which will help each person find their soul mate, and preserve love in our families forever.

2. ​to ensure the provision of a plot of land, at least one hectare, to any citizen wishing to create their own Family Homestead. The plot cannot be bought or sold, and can be passed on by inheritance. The land and its produce are not subject to taxation. The plot cannot be subdivided, and a common lane way of at least 3m surrounds each plot.

​3. to require each elected Member of the Parliaments of New South Wales and Australia to create a new Family Homestead Settlement on an area no less than 200 hectares in size.

In the calm surrounds of Kur-ring-gai, readers discussed collaboration with other movements, legislation about family homestead settlements, and strengthening the political network of readers in Australia.

Photograph by Nicole Schnetzer

A smaller group of readers also discussed the expeditious creation of a Family Homestead Settlement in New South Wales. We reported on available funds for the initial purchase of land, discussed favourable locations and natural characteristics, and showed beautiful drawings of our future Family Homestead Settlement, which warmed the heart of everyone present!

Future meetings will determine our precise budget, but already a substantial settlement is possible! After buying suitable land, we will survey it and prepare official documents outlining the nature of our settlement. We will then divide the land into hectares for purchase or free allocation to those wishing to create their own Family Homesteads.

In the future, we will perfect our own pieces of the dwelling land and contribute to a positive natural revival of Australian society, leading to a new era of spiritual awareness, ecological cleanliness, tourism and world leadership, together with other Family Homestead creators in Russia and around the world!

We also discussed various social movements, and highlighted the unique quality of the “Ringing Cedars”, “Anastasia” and “Family Homestead” movement in its ability to overcome dark forces and successfully precipitate a good new civilization on Earth.

Before the sun went down, we enjoyed vegetarian food, warm tea, bard songs and traditional dances in the park. ​The children (and others!) enjoyed climbing trees. ​Five hours passed very quickly, and we all wished for another longer meeting soon!

Readers presented plans for proposed settlements, discussed favorable locations, and addressed the avenues for progress using current planning laws.

Photograph by Kemble Walker

Readers of the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” in Australia send our warmest thanks and best wishes to:

• Creators of Family Homesteads around the planet Earth
• the writer, Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre
• his beloved Anastasia
• members of the political party “Родная Партия”
• candidate of the Saratov regional Duma for “Родная Партия”, Marina Kopenkina
• the Anastasia Fund
• the Megre manufacturing company
• Sergey, Polina, and Nina Megre (and your smaller sister!)
• those who distribute the Ringing Cedars books and cedar products around the world
• the millions of readers in whose hearts and souls a new dream has been born …

… the dream of a new civilization on Earth – a civilization of love, truth and joy!

With knowledge of our ancestors!

With affectionate thanks to our great Creator!

To perfect our dwelling land!

To make the whole Earth a flourishing garden!

We in Australia are together with you!

Want to stay in touch?
Be part of Australia’s bright future!

An example of creating Family Homesteads in an existing rural settlement

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