Ringing Cedars in Japan!

Anastasia Fund

Russian Federation

21 August 2017

Japanese translation of Volume VI of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series, “The Family Book”, was published in 5 April, 2017, and is now available in major bookshops, cafes, select shops, massage salons, village shops, web shops, Amazon, etc.

We are also happy to inform you that some well-known opinion leaders in Japan are inspired by the books and are talking about the Ringing Cedars of Russia in their lecture presentations and workshops!

Ringing Cedars readers in Japan have started to make their own summer houses (dachas) and Family Homesteads.

Photograph via Anastasia Fund.

Here are just some of many positive reviews we have received from our readers:

“The most beautiful book ever been published.”

“What a stunning and an electrifying book!”

“I am so glad to have been able to read this book at this moment in time.”

“My heart trembled with happiness, and I squeezed the book.”

“This book has my upmost sincere recommendation!”

“After reading this book, all the things that were foggy in my head about life, history and society, became all crystal clear.”

“After reading this book, I was shaken by the copious amount of information. I just could not fall asleep.”

“Everything written in the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series became crystal clear in Volume VI, and I have digested all of it. Everything makes sense now!  Thank you Mr. Vladimir Megre and Anastasia!”

Such positive reviews for the sixth volume are encouraging new readers who have now started reading Volume I, “Anastasia”. The Japanese translation of both Volume VI, “The Family Book” and Volume I, “Anastasia” have hit number one for weekly sales in the “Humanities” category several times on Amazon.

After the publishing of Volume VI, “The Family Book”, readers’ gatherings are being held across Japan. This year we were happy to see an obvious increase in male participants. They come from a wide range of generations and occupations, and some had travelled far to join these events.

Ideas and information are being shared, and participants return home filled with inspiration to start their Family homestead.

As a traditionally pagan country and also being now highly technocratic, Japan has a unique culture of social development. Based on their own culture, some head-starter Japanese readers have created their Japanese homesteads and dachas.

Published in English and Russian by the Anastasia Fund (21 August 2017). 

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