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What exactly is a family homestead? It actually is patriotism; it actually is love for one’s Homeland, love for one’s family, love for one’s beloved woman, and for one’s children. And to express all of this not just in words, but in deeds. This is such a strong, powerful and beautiful idea, a beautiful dream, that it is, of course, Russia’s national idea, and a model for the whole world. These aren’t just my words; this has already been shown in actual practice.

Vladimir Megre, author of the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series

Anastasia and the "Ringing Cedars of Russia"

The Family Homestead is the national idea of Earth, capable of bringing beauty and love to our human civilization. In the future, people will realize the futility of the technocratic path of development, and return towards the primary sources.

A Family Homestead is a fully self-sufficient plot, no less than one hectare in size. It is the family’s own dimension of love, surrounded by a living fence. It cannot be bought or sold, but can be passed on through inheritance. There is no taxation on the Family Homestead or its produce.

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At the beginning of the new millennium, the first sign of the Earth’s beautiful, happy future was any living shoot in each homestead. People who had laid the permanent foundations of the first homesteads still did not completely sense the significance of what they had done. They had simply started to look on the world around them more joyfully.

Vladimir Megre (2000), Who Are We?, Chapter 7 “Anastasia’s Russia”

The energy of the whole universe

It’s better when there is a community of Family Homesteads in the form of a settlement, but even one Homestead for one family is self-sufficient. This is some kind of indivisible unit in which the whole world is concentrated, the whole Universe, everything is there.

A. Gornaev, Family Homestead creator

Creating Family Homesteads

Why make so much hot air discussing the theoretical solutions to underemployment, climate change and the housing crisis when a possible solution is right here in front of us?

Let the land employ our people! Put carbon back into the soil! Grow plants to support ourselves, and sell their fruits to fund future development.

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Academy of family homesteads and settlements, Germany

Andre Proetel: What we are doing here is nothing else but living. We live here. For us, living means that we are simply here. We should be here as people, we live together with our plants and our land, we pay attention to our land, we grow the fruits ourselves and can...
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Family homesteads – a new perspective in the development of Russia and the world

The “family homestead” idea aims to significantly improve the way of life of individual families and create favorable conditions for the existence of their future generations.

At the same time, it creates a beautiful image of the future of Russia, intensive development in all directions, and stimulates the population to a higher level of morality.

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Far-Eastern hectare: territories expanded, chance of failure reduced

Amendments to the law on the “Far Eastern hectare” opened new territories for citizens and practically excluded the possibility of refusal of authorized bodies to provide land. 185 million hectares are now available for citizens to choose from, and the number of refusals in granting land does not exceed 3 percent.

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Family Homestead Settlements

An example of creating Family Homesteads in an existing rural settlement

Over 10 years, we made an abandoned village into an attractive residence for those who want to create their Family Homesteads. We organized interaction between people in our collective, and the entrepreneurs who are creating their Family Homesteads in the settlement organized means of financing the projects.

Take care of our image

Family Homestead and “eco-settlement” are two totally different images which are not comparable with one another. Maybe we should treat more carefully this energy which has raised us to such a height and continues to raise us?

Briefing report on Family Homestead Settlements

This report introduces the concept of the family homestead, a one hectare allotment consisting of a dwelling, water source, mixed garden and forested area. Homesteads are small enough to tend by hand, large enough to feed a family, and are arranged together in settlements of 200 or more. The possibilities and limitations of family homesteads are discussed within the Australian context. 

Family Party candidate achieved second place in Saratov regional elections

“Such a powerful unity was demonstrated by the Family Party!” Kopenkina wrote in a post after the results were published. “For each who embodied these elections together with me – a deep bow and a kiss for everyone, I felt such powerful support and only that inspired me. The Family Party has loudly announced itself! We are strength! We will only move forward! We will bring your projects to life! We will be listened to!”


A Family Homestead is a self-supporting unit that provides the needs of its family. Water, food, medicine and essential materials are all available, right at your doorstep, without the need of costly infrastructure.

Family love

The positive thoughts of a creator-human can imbue a Family Homestead with a dimension of love. Warm and bright feelings emanate from such a place and heal all illnesses.

National prosperity

Family Homesteads reduce expenditure on social security, while creating new export opportunies in food and natural goods. Tourism and education can showcase this new way living while generating income at home.

Soul's purpose

Let’s show our spiritual worth not by theories and dogma, but with practical, material actions. Each Family Homestead is a living testament to the quality of its creators’ thoughts and aspirations.

Cedar nut oil

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