Family Homesteads

Perfection of the Dwelling Land on Earth


A Family Homestead is a self-supporting unit that provides the needs of its family. Water, food, medicine and essential materials are all available, right at your doorstep, without the need of costly infrastructure.

Family love

The positive thoughts of a creator-human can imbue a Family Homestead with a dimension of love. Warm and bright feelings emanate from such a place and heal all illnesses.

National prosperity

Family Homesteads reduce expenditure on social security, while creating new export opportunies in food and natural goods. Tourism and education can showcase this new way living while generating income at home.

Soul's purpose

Let’s show our spiritual worth not by theories and dogma, but with practical, material actions. Each Family Homestead is a living testament to the quality of its creators’ thoughts and aspirations.

Together, we will make the Earth a beautiful garden!

What exactly is a family homestead? It actually is patriotism; it actually is love for one’s Homeland, love for one’s family, love for one’s beloved woman, and for one’s children. And to express all of this not just in words, but in deeds. This is such a strong, powerful and beautiful idea, a beautiful dream, that it is, of course, Russia’s national idea, and a model for the whole world. These aren’t just my words; this has already been shown in actual practice.

Vladimir Megre, author of the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series

The energy of the whole universe

It’s better when there is a community of Family Homesteads in the form of a settlement, but even one Homestead for one family is self-sufficient. This is some kind of indivisible unit in which the whole world is concentrated, the whole Universe, everything is there.

A. Gornaev, Family Homestead creator

The New Civilisation

People from all different backgrounds, nationalities, religions and professions are finding a common purpose, to Perfect the Dwelling Land of Earth. It is an end to pollution, an end to endless wars, a bright idea for a positive direction and meaning in life. The Family Homestead movement is creating a natural world without rich and poor. It is a true civilisation, with more joy, and more love. 

The Source

Anastasia developed the concept of the Family Homestead, determined to help our civilisation avoid catastrophe and attain its ultimate perfection.

A Family Homestead is a fully self-sufficient plot of land no less than one hectare in size. It surrounded by a living fence, marking and protecting the family’s intimate territory. The inner gardens and buildings are the family’s own dimension of love. It cannot be bought or sold, but can be passed on through inheritance. There is no taxation on the Family Homestead or its produce.

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Family Homestead Settlements

Family Homestead Settlements

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