Family Homesteads are the way to stability and well-being for our people.

Based on the image of Anastasia in the books “Ringing Cedars of Russia”, by Vladimir Megre, we present a sustainable, productive plan for a new kind of settlement, strengthening our economy and our environment.

Family Homesteads ensure the enduring success of our family line and our society. The greatest testament of love for one’s children is creating a beautiful homeland for them to inherit.

Together, generation by generation, we will perfect the dwelling land, and the whole Earth will blossom anew!

Settlements of Family Homesteads

Free Hectares allocated

What is a Family Homestead?


A plot of land at least one hectare in size, an oasis on Earth, a dimension of Love.

Includes a combination of:

  • dwelling
  • forest
  • meadow
  • garden
  • orchard
  • studio/workshop
  • bathhouse (sauna)
  • pond
  • living fence
  • family tree

Features of a family homestead:

  • It is legally registered in lifetime ownership / stewardship to the inhabitant family
  • It is separated from adjacent plots by a lane of at least 3m on all sides
  • It may be passed on by inheritance
  • Produce from the land is not taxed
  • The certifying authority is the settlement council


Family Homestead Settlements (FHS)

Family homesteads are arranged into settlements of at least 150 plots. They are governed by a Community Council in the centre of the settlement where any resident may attend and there is no centre of power. Decisions are made by consensus.

Roles of the Community Council:

  • survey plots
  • approve new residents
  • design and maintain common infrastructure
  • manage and rehabilitate standards of productivity and conduct



Creating Family Homesteads

Creating Family Homesteads

Why make so much hot air discussing the theoretical solutions to underemployment, climate change and the housing crisis when a possible solution is right here in front of us?

Let the land employ our people! Put carbon back into the soil! Grow plants to support ourselves, and sell their fruits to fund future development.