Family Party


Veche was held twice a year for the autumn and spring equinox, and also when acute, urgent matters were to be solved. Elders and their assistants gathered from all villages, no more than five people per village. The key was avoid too many Veche. The main topic was the one that had to be solved.

People at that time still remembered the knowledge of the primary sources and skillfully used them, living according to the canons. The Veche started on the appointed day, at 9-10 in the morning. Everyone already knew the reason for which they had gathered. Elders made their statements and wishes, in accordance with their knowledge of the primary sources – this is the root, the foundation on which the Veche holds.

Life and the foundations of ancestors were passed on from generation to generation. There were no serious disputes, and there could not be, so on the third day a unified decision was already made, even for the most unexpected of problems.

What helped people make a quick decision was their understanding of the divine arrangement on Earth. They understood where the truth is, and where the crooked lay. For any problem, they could easily trace the situation from beginning to end, elucidating and properly disinfecting it.

The decision was always made the most faithful not through disputes, debates or voting, but on the basis of a spiritual understanding. People knew – then they knew the truth. The one who holds the truth will always make the right decision.

A. Savrasov “Knowledge stored by dolmens”

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